Doctors and Audacious Creatures

I went to a small clinic in Bugolobi. And encountered the most vile, evil, shameless young girl that has ever walked the earth.

As I was booking my place to see the doctor, she pushed me aside and authoritatively told the nurse she needed to see the doctor.

I waited for the nurse to tell her I had come first. Didn’t happen. She immediately begun taking down this creature’s particulars.

I was flabbergasted. But I had made a vow not to get into any more fights over ill-treatment so I held my tongue.

After I had been given my card, I took a seat right next to the Doctor’s door to be sure to dash into it as soon as the patient inside came out.

The door opened and an old man who had come after the Audacious Creature beat us both to it. We sat back down and eyed each other warily. Shit was going to go down today.

The old man came out. We both made a mad rush for the door. The Audacious Creature grabbed the doorknob and I was the one nearest the crack of the door. She was holding it so I wouldn’t get inside!

“Sincerely”. I snarled.

“Yeah?”, A.D countered.

“Eh?”, I challenged her.

“Eh”. Bring it.

I backed down. She must have been about 18 years old. She would so have kicked my ass.

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