This is why you’ll find me these ends

A few years ago, an American friend invited a mixed crowd of Ugandans and Europeans to what she called ‘A whisky tasting’. There were several arrays of bottles on the table which we were made to understand were special brands on their own. She then took us through the history of each bottle, the scent… Continue reading This is why you’ll find me these ends

Beware of your Uncles

I was standing by the roadside in my home area of Kitintale one day waiting for a taxi when a car pulled over with several men inside it. “Hello!”, one elderly gentleman called out in Runyankore. “How are you, my child?” The African habit of respecting one’s elders kicked in immediately. “I’m fine Uncle”. “How… Continue reading Beware of your Uncles

Have you ever tried to take 1k away from a drunkard?

It was around 3.00 am and I was in an Uber on my way home from the airport. As is the wont of the average Ugandan passenger, I struck up a conversation with him. “How’s your day been Ssebbo?” I asked him. “Not good. Not good at all”, he sighed, his face morose. “What’s the… Continue reading Have you ever tried to take 1k away from a drunkard?

Trials of a teetotaller

Every year some news outlet tries to paint Ugandans as relatively idle humans by measuring how much alcohol we consume. It’s becoming a competition. Sijui Kenyans know how to drink on weekends while Ugandans keep it rollin’ all day every day so we’re the real drunkards. But do you know how hard it is not to be a drinker… Continue reading Trials of a teetotaller

Is this why I don’t have a car?

Few of us pay attention to statistics until they come knocking on our front door and tell us we’re on the list. Data in Uganda says that the average woman is paid 40% less than the average man. Information like this is not important to the average woman until she and a male colleague compare… Continue reading Is this why I don’t have a car?

Uganda: A splendid country for disclaimers 

Published in The Daily Monitor: The first thing I do before I check into a public place is look for my Ugandan disclaimers. I call them Ugandan because the official use of disclaimers are not the same as the ones that are applied in my beloved country: “Please enjoy our goods and services. If… Continue reading Uganda: A splendid country for disclaimers