There are many baskets for your eggs

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

A common phrase which is not applied in real life. In fact, it is encouraged not to apply it so I don’t know why they wasted time inventing the quote. Businessmen, ‘success stories’ etc. Everyone of them usually says, “Focus on only one thing at a time”.

I was watching Tyler Perry give advice on how to succeed and he went on and on about the importance of choosing one thing and sticking to it. And it works. But there’s never just one way.

There are people who are designed to be employees. Don’t even tell ’em you want to form a company with them. They don’t have the time for that stress. There are people who are great at having one idea and executing it over decades.

And then there are the ones touched by the muses themselves. The musician who is also an actor who is also a writer. I first ‘met’ Oprah Winfrey as an actress before I ever saw her as a talk show host and my goodness, the woman can act. Then the talk show hosts and presidents who find time to write a book while still working. Jennifer Lopez is a singer and a dancer and somehow manages to maintain a career in body hotness maintenance (witchcraft). Frank Sinatra released countless music albums and acted at the same time. For those who think dancing and acting and singing are one career, there are actors who choose to drop singing for acting and singers who drop acting for singing.

There are the actors who are also producers, executive producers and directors of multiple projects covering different themes.

I think these people are not particularly special. I like to think of them as outliers which is why the message of focusing on only one thing is ‘normal’. Most theoretically normal people operate in this fashion and that is the notion that is projected as good advice. So how many outliers are focusing on one thing when they have more than one ability they can attempt to apply in their lives?

Like eggs, wealth of ideas, talents and work should not be kept in one basket as a rule of thumb, in my humble opinion. ‘Normal’ changed as soon as COVID-19 paid the planet a visit and I think this age old rule has probably affected a lot of careers and people if they had a choice of several baskets to store their eggs in and only chose one.

Produced 18 films, starred and directed in some of them, acted in 61 films. Musically, he recorded 59 albums and 297 singles. I think that’s two baskets of eggs?
And lots of cocaine coz that kind of work production ain’t natural.

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