I always forget a face

I have this special personality where I forget faces. The Gods blessed me with it for a reason I am yet to ascertain. Over the years, I learned that I have to meet a person about five times before I remember them.

This facial recognition deficiency appears to be limited to men. I know, weird right? At first it used to mortify me.

Me: “Hi, I’m Lindsey”.

Him: “Yes, I know. We’ve met”.

Me: “Really? When?”

Him: “Four times”.

Me: “Oh. Well, erm…okay, great to meet you again!”.

Long pause.

Me: “So what’s your name again?”.

I thought I would improve with time. Nope. But I have adjusted quite well to my mental illness.

Me: “Hi, I’m Lindsey”.

Him: “Yes, I know. We’ve met”.

Me: “I’m so sorry. I have this thing where I forget faces. So how many times have I forgotten you?”.

Awkward pause as the man fights with his ability to practice social niceties.

Him: “You’re the one who introduced me to so and so at this event”.

Me: “I’m sorry, who? And what event?”

Another awkward pause. For him, not for me. He needs his moment of incredulity.


It may make me seem like a cad but if my facial recognition software is fried…

I regret nothing

P.S: And this is nothing compared to my spatial intelligence. Last night I spent 15 minutes looking for a place I’d been to twice and it was right in front of me. With a glowing neon sign. 




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