A prayer for the children

Published in the Daily Monitor: monitor.co.ug

Do you remember how a long time ago being a secretary was a full time job that involved just typing letters and keeping appointments? Do you ever think, like I do, about what happened to all those secretaries during the ‘digital revolution’, when bosses learned to type and print their own work and the skill of shorthand became irrelevant?

I think about the change technology brings with it and how it impacts the lives of people who find themselves unnecessary overnight. I say, I think about these things and I feel very very sorry for children being born today and honestly, the ones who come after them should start praying shortly after being born.

See here. Back in the day, specialization was ‘on form’. You had to be good at one skill and one skill only. If you strayed and became talented in multiple fields, you were labeled unfocused and a flibbertigibbet. Not good employee material.

Unless your field is surgery or accounting it’s fair to say this luxury of specialization no longer applies. Now one is supposed to be fluid. Before, it was a matter of pride to say you’d held the same job for 25 years. Today if you’ve held the same job for 10 years, consultants will ask you if you need therapy. Why aren’t you moving on and acquiring new skills; adapting to a new environment? Flexibility is the thing!

And if you don’t have the changing times to stress you, you have the ‘citizen employees’ (like citizen journalists). These are people who have skills naturally that the rest of us acquire by going to school. So while 3,000 people are selling their souls to learn Information Technology in a computer science institution, some 12 year old is designing the app that they shall come up with after graduation.

Most people worry about extra years piling on and claim they want to be young again. Mbu youth is fleeting but sweet. Please. Youth is stress and uncertainty.

gmom-1Some of us want to skip all this working business and wake up dead

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