Carry your own lemon to this restaurant

Kamanyiro is a dish many Ugandans are raised from birth to eat without complaint. I however, am the quarrelsome Madam who unleashes a volcanic eruption of vast chemical proportions if the kamanyiro is not taken back to the kitchen right quick.

My friend Melanie and I were treated to a particularly flavourless sampling of this kamaniryo when we stopped by a popular restaurant in Kisementi. We wanted to enjoy a bit of tea so we asked an attendant for one pot.

“And please give us a piece of lemon”, Melanie added.

“I’m sorry, that’s not allowed. If you want lemon, you have to order the herbal tea which comes in a glass”.

“But we don’t want the tea in a glass”, I said. “We just want the pot with a piece of lemon”.

“No. Sorry”.

“You can’t just give us a piece of lemon to put in the tea from the pot?”

“No. Sorry”.


Fine. Bye, Lemon.

Irritated but not in the mood to quibble, we acquiesced. The attendant went and returned with only one tea cup. Those bu-little ones of the English.

“We’re two people”, Melanie and I said. “That’s why we ordered a pot. We thought you’d bring two cups with this pot”.

“I’m sorry, that’s not allowed”, said Attendant. “It’s one pot per person”.

“But we don’t want one pot per person! We want a cup per person so we ordered a pot. What we do with the second cup should be our concern as we shall pay for the pot, no?”.

“I’m sorry. It’s not allowed. You’ll have to speak to the manager”.

Temper control failure ignited.

“Bring them!”, I semi-shouted. “We shan’t be told that it’s compulsory to make an order we don’t want to make”.

Almost immediately I knew I was too old for this hogwash.

“You know what? I don’t want to have a conversation with anyone over this! I want you to go to the manager yourself, point at this table and say we want a second empty cup. If that’s not possible, then he or she can come over and we finally talk”.

Mama Nyabo. I dared them silently.

But the cup was brought so my fuss made an exit. Naye this business of restaurants putting staff in a position to annoy customers then they call a manager who looks good by ‘fixing’ the  mistake is officially out of my interest zone.

S’not right to make a customer beg for a piece of lemon and an empty cup.

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