Who are you checking out?

One day, a male cousin and I were seated together watching a music video. I don’t know where the women in this video came from but they were too good looking to be true. Especially the main one.

The director first showed her from the back, swaying her hips towards the singing man seated on a sofa. I honestly didn’t hear what he was saying. I was simply eyeing her body enviously.

“Honestly, this world is not fair”, I thought sourly. “How can someone be so perfect and me I’m neshing for hips that don’t lie?”

She was wearing one of those bikini top thingies and a thong. I searched for cellulite and found none. She had curves in all the right places. I mean, there was seriously no wrong place where there was a curve. She kept swaying, oblivious to the gaping mouths of my cousin and I.


This shit ain’t right

The man on the sofa beckoned her closer and she started to walk. Eh! Even the walk was oba too well done? That’s when I saw the heels she was walking in. A truly gifted earth goddess, this one. Then the camera shot to the swimming pool outside where a flotilla of similarly perfect earth goddesses played with the water.

“Are you seeing this?”, I asked my cousin.

“Absolutely!”, he said, his hands on his face in disbelief. “Which country is this?”

“I don’t know”, I said. “But boy oh boy, look at the women!”

“The women?”, he said. “Look at the man!”

“Eh?”, I said.

“Have you seen his shirt?”


“Are you blind?”, my cousin asked. “Check out the dude’s clothes. That’s some good quality stuff!”

This was wrong. The whole time he’d been ogling the singing man? What kind of a male was this?

“Check, check, check that out!”, he told me hastily, pointing at the screen. “See that watch!”

“Yeah”, I nodded vigorously. “The man is too stylish to be true!”

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