Published in the Daily Monitor: http://www.monitor.co.ug

It was around two in the morning and I was woken from my dream by a dog barking inside my house.

“Tupac!”, I called out sleepily. “Silence!”

My eyes closed and I was drifting back to sleep when my brain registered that my dog was barking. I’d never heard Tupac bark before. I sat up straight, alarmed.

“Why would a dog that’s never barked before start barking for the first time at two in the morning?” I asked myself. Myself answered:

pepper spray1.jpg

There are robbers trying to get in

Quick as a flash, I jumped out of bed.

“Okay, think quickly”, I thought. “Where’s that pepper spray you bought for emergencies?”

I stood and looked around the room, lost, while Tupac barked on. For the life of me, I did not remember where I’d put the pepper spray. I tossed bags and flung open cupboards but could not find the elusive pepper spray.

“What is wrong with you?” My inner voice shouted. “What kind of a dimwit buys pepper spray for emergencies, and doesn’t know where it is when the emergency finally occurs!”

“Leave me alone, I shall find it!”, I begged breathlessly as I run around the part of the house the robbers were not trying to break into. Tupac barked on. How much time did I have?

I opened the corridor door and peeped out. Sure enough, he was barking at the balcony door. I thought I saw the curtains move. I dashed back to my bedroom and peered under the bed, considering creeping under it. But I couldn’t go there weaponless.

I quickly run to the kitchen and grabbed a knife in one hand a meat cleaver in the other. As I was about to run back to the bedroom, it occurred to me that it may be wiser to take the fight to the robbers.

The knives trembling in my hands, I tip-toed to Tupac’s side. He was quiet now that I was there, his body taut, his ears pricked up, his tail wagging in agitation. I quickly threw open the curtains to add the extra shock of surprise for my thieves.

And there sat a cat.


    1. You know? Im always telling people their dogs should sleep inside. That’s how they alert you in advance without all this poisoned meat business.


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