Beds, rain and work

Published in the Daily Monitor:

One day it was 6.00 am and it started to pour. I was woken up by the wind blowing my curtains and a cold breeze reaching me under the covers.

I tell you, I jumped out from under those covers with joy. I run to the kitchen and made a cup of hot tea. I flew back to the bed and put on an Audrey Hepburn movie which I watched, sipping my tea and enjoying the view of the rain and the wind and the leaves on trees blowing with it.

Let me tell you the history to my behaviour.

In 2008, I worked as a receptionist in an organization. The weather was not expected to deter me from being at my desk by 8.00 am sharp. Our customers had cars and would not understand entering an office and seeing an empty desk and wandering about the building looking for assistance. The one time I tried the ‘But it rained!’ line, I got a tongue lashing that would have won DiCaprio an Oscar for nothing.

So I woke up one morning and it was raining. I lived at the top of a hill and walking down to the main road was a muddy, slippery business. I had to gingerly sneak down it with my umbrella. But the rain and wind were so fierce that the umbrella eventually became a decoration.

I had on a jacket that was protecting my shirt but my trousers were not having a pleasant time. When I reached the main road and stood waiting for a taxi, of course a few horrible drivers made sure to speed by me, splashing me with more muddy water.

When I eventually found a taxi, it took me thirty minutes to move 500 meters because of the traffic jam. It was now 7.30 am. Almost in tears, I jumped out and hailed a boda, enduring a twenty minute rain soaked journey to the office where I run to the field workers’ room to strip and iron my trousers and knickers.

I was at my desk by 8.20 am, with my clothes still damp. And so I sat all day while my clothes dried on me.

“One day”, I swore. “One day, it will rain and I shall have the liberty of staying in bed and watching old movies”.


For now anyway

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