I want to give these Kenyans all my money

There is a common belief amongst my people that their Kenyan neighbours are more aggressive, more hard working, more customer service oriented and generally more emotionally savvy than the most sophisticated Ugandan.

Walayi this belief is true.

I have sojourned in Nairobi several times this year and I shall choose to focus on their customer service. I shall use the example of my stay in one particular hotel to illustrate how by understanding that every person who walks into your business is a King or a Queen, you can retain your client base. Unlike my stupid country where people take your money for nada and abuse you while they’re doing it.

But that’s for another time.

So this Hotel. I noticed I did not initiate felicitations with the staff there – they fell all over themselves to greet me. I could not pass a worker without a beaming smile being benevolently cast on me. By the third day, I was happily greeting people without being prompted.

“Good morning!”, “How are you today?” “Nice day, INNIT?”

Oh, it felt so good to be loved like that.

One night, I called the reception because a mysterious source of noise from machinery was making it impossible for me to sleep. The next evening when I returned to my room, I found a note on my bed from the Front Desk Manager.

“Dear Lindsey”, the letter said. “We are very sorry for disturbing your sleep last night. The noise was due to a fault with the water heater and it has been resolved. Should you find you don’t have hot water, please let us know and we can fix it”.

I quit the room and returned to the bar to give them more of my money.

Finally, I was having lunch one day, and a manager approached us.

“Are there any problems here so far, Madam?

I enthused about how much I loved the place and their hospitality was top notch.

“No”, he prompted. “Don’t you have anything negative to say?”


Banange. Just take all my money!

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