Do you know you look naked?

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you’re globe-trotting from party to party, and house to house and you did not pack a change of clothes? After two days it becomes a dirty inconvenient business.

On this third day, I arose blearily from the couch of a friend and had to rush to meet another. I told the boda to stop me by a shop on the way to buy a dress because even the feel of my clothes sickened me.

The trouble was, the only shop had party clothes. I mean ‘prostitute’ party clothes. I chose the most ‘decent’. It had many problems. First of all, it was low at the front. I have grapes for breasts so the absence of cleavage and presence of flat plains was ridiculous. Then it was super tight and shorter than Tom Cruise. Third, it had large open holes at the side. I peered at myself in the mirror dubiously.

“You look so sexy, sweetheart!” the shopkeeper gushed. Oh, great, thanks. I needed to look sexy on a Monday morning.

Like the decent prostitute I had become, I jumped back on the boda and we rode to Javas where my friend was waiting for me at the entrance. She took one look at me and her face took on a look of horror.

“What on earth are you wearing?” she squealed. “Do you know you look NAKED?”

“Well, I’m comfortable, aren’t I?” I answered nonchalantly.

The man with her chimed in: “She’s right, you do look naked”.

“Well, I said I’m comfortable, aren’t I?” I repeated the same lie to her friend.

“As long as you’re comfortable,” he sneered.

My friend and I walked back to her car and as I sat down in relief, I asked her.

“Who is your really rude friend who had the audacity to give me his opinion on my clothes?”

“Friend?” she said. “Never met the man in my life”.

I wanted to go back to give him a tongue lashing but decided to let it go.


I felt too naked!

4 thoughts on “Do you know you look naked?”

  1. LOL. As always i leave this blog laughing, hmmmm i’m trying to picture this out fit , Please post it online if you can.


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