This is how we lose our money

I recently took myself to Nairobi for a holiday. No, I’m not rich. I just happened to realize that most people wait until they’re married with children before they think of taking holidays and clearly, and that doesn’t seem to be around the corner for me. I’d best get started on my own – on a budget of course!

Anyway.  I was in a shopping complex, getting my money changed into Kenyan shillings in a bank. When I got out, I was bombarded by a young pretty beautician saleslady.

“Excuse me”, she asked. “I’ve got some interesting skin products for you!”

“My skin is just fine, thank you”, I responded and was about to proceed on my way. Until I noticed another table with eye make-up. I walked back.

“Do you have eye-liner?”

And that was the beginning of the end of the money I had just withdrawn from the bank. Like a real girl, I ooohed and aaaahed at the different eye-liners and settled on the cheapest. It was still expensive. Nairobi doesn’t play with money. Then she brought out the big guns.

“I noticed your nails are natural. I have something just for you”.

She convinced me to have my nails buffed and oiled. I gushed. She told me the price and I almost fainted. But she insisted it was worth it. I allowed myself to be persuaded.

But that was not enough for this Madame. She wanted me to see the light in the skin department.

“I know you said your skin is great but this is a free trial offer. Please let me give you sea salt to scrub your hands with, then rub afterwards with this special lotion”.

When the operation was done, I wanted that sea salt and its corresponding lotion. My skin felt amazing! But when she told me the price, I steeled myself resolutely.

“If I buy everything, I would have finished every penny I just exchanged. I’ll take the eye-liner and the nail package (which included a buffer, oil, body lotion etc).

I was left with just enough to take my broke ass back home.


This is all your fault

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