Are you a frequent user of USAFI taxi park?

God bless you and preserve you for your perseverance if you are. I understand the headache. From the old taxi park, it’s a good 10-15 minutes of walking, depending on your age or state of health. It’s not pleasant.

You always want to be dropped exactly at the old taxi park so that your walking distance is reduced. None of this ‘we’ll drop you on Kampala road’ business. You need to be in the park before you can marshal the energy required for your trek.

Now this taxi driver who had told me that he was going to the old taxi park decided to stop on Kampala road. Other users got out comfortably because they only had to walk to the old taxi park.

I begun to wail immediately.

“But you promised you’d drop me at the old park, you promised!”

After a few minutes of begging, the conductor sighed and they begun to drive towards the old park.

“Where are you going exactly?” he asked me.


“Isn’t there a place near here that has those taxis? Gwe, Bulaza!” he was now talking to the driver. “Isn’t there a place nearer than USAFI where she can get Kansanga taxis?”

“No” driver said. “Only in USAFI”.

“Can’t you take a boda boda?” he asked me again.

“No” I said. “I want to walk”.

After a brief pause he muttered.

“You’re like a muzungu who wants to walkwalk everywhere. And yet you’re disturbing us to drop you near USAFI like a princess”.

I kept quiet because I liked where they were taking me-much better than the old taxi park. I nodded sympathetically as he kept up a steady stream of complaint. I even maintained a peaceful silence when he finished.

“Be serious and get yourself a man with money who can buy you a car!”


I’m listening fellas…

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