I had left my house one day and was walking along the road to the stage where I could get a taxi. A boda-boda approached me from behind and stopped beside me. He was one of the riders from the stage.

“Come and we go, sister”, he invited me with a smile.

The idea had been to take a taxi but I felt like the gentleman had arrived at that moment for a reason. It was quite clear the universe did not intend for me to travel packed in a box like a peasant. My ‘special hire’ had arrived. I hopped on.

As our journey got underway, he suddenly asked, “Do you know I love you very much?”

Well now.

“Oh, yes?” I queried.

“Yes”, he confirmed. “I love you very very much”.

“Thank you”, I demurred.

There were a few seconds of companionable silence before his feelings got the better of him again.

“In fact, we all love you very much!”

“Really?” I exclaimed delightedly. “Who’s ‘all’?”

“All of us boda-bodas. You’re our favorite customer walai!”

Oh, keep talking brother. It had been a hard month. I needed all the ego boosting I could get.

“You don’t disturb us with over-haggling prices. You pay us fairly and after little negotiation”.

My enthusiasm dampened somewhat. I felt like he was telling me he and the others enjoyed taking me for a ride. Like a good soldier, he seemed to sense my reticence.

“You know, a fair wage is not something we’re used to as boda-boda riders”, he explained. “Customers pay us enough to put in fuel and buy airtime. But with you, we can actually save something”.

“So that’s why we love you very much”.


Well, you’re welcome!

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