I lost my love in a hotel lobby

I was wrapping up a week spent in a luxurious hotel attending a conference on digital safety.

Now, you know how in the movies, true love is usually found in the hotel lobby? A woman is sitting alone, and this man enters and boom! His heart, it flips at the sight of her, and he pursues her relentlessly?

Well, that woman might have been me if I didn’t have such a big mouth.

I had been languishing in the lobby every day waiting for someone, anyone, to notice me and make me feel like a femme fatale. On the final day of the conference, my bait was bitten.

black dude

By someone who looked like this

I was working on my laptop, my ankles crossed demurely and noticed him heading straight for me. A tall, devastatingly handsome black man in a suit that (walayi, I’m not lying) he wore like a second skin.

“Excuse me?” he asked, holding a flash drive in his hand. “Would you mind if I used your laptop to download something ?”

An American accent. Outside countries, eh? Oh, my. I blushed appropriately, relented, and he sat by me.

“So are you here for the tourism conference?” he asked as he opened up his email on my laptop.

Things were starting off nicely indeed.

“No, I’m here for the conference on digital safety”, I said.

“Really?” he looked into my eyes flirtingly with a ‘come hither’ smile. “Tell me about that!”

“Well, do you know that just by using my laptop, you are giving me access to your email account and password?” I was in overdrive, determined to sound like a Ninja.

“Really?” he faltered.

“Hell, yeah! Let me show you!” And I did.

His next words were brisk and crisp. “Thank you so much for your time”.

And then he run away.

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