Ladies….come on to me!

It recently registered in my brain with no amusement whatsoever that our erstwhile members of parliament are drafting a new anti-gay law that is harsher than the last piece of trash they thought up.

With this law, I shall be liable to imprisonment simply for writing this blog post. I’d better get my two cents in while there’s time!

There are many things a person with basic common sense should take issue with in this law. ‘Promotion of unnatural sexual acts’ is one of them. The HIV/AIDS struggle is currently being conducted without including homosexuals because, you know, God hates them.

So if you’re an organization that fills this gap, and teaches them about safe sex, you’re liable to face imprisonment. Hell, if you tell straight people that anal sex and lubrication go hand in hand, you’re up for jail time (sorry, experimenters!)

If you promote, support or transport a homosexual (what’s that mean-Transport?), you’re liable to face 10 years in jail. Because, as Cecila Ogwal put it, “as long as homosexuals target and take advantage of our children and vulnerable people, the Opposition will support an anti-gay law presented to us”.

Thanks FDC for joining the bandwagon of batshit crazies.

I’m pretty sure if I gave Cecilia Ogwal a call right now, she wouldn’t be able to put together a list of 50 homosexuals who have ‘targeted and taken advantage of children and vulnerable people’ over the course of a year. I can take her to the old taxi park and show her 75 straight guys who do this daily.

Do some deep thinking, Ogwal. This law is not meant for homosexual criminals. This law is meant for anyone with a sexual orientation that is not heterosexual. Masculine women and effeminate men will not escape societal suspicion. Children will torment their ‘abnormal’ classmates. Can you imagine, a teenager struggling with their identity in school-the life of secrecy and shame that they will endure? What their parents will endure? Then, Ogwal, you add insult to injury by supporting the inclusion of people like me that stand for what your party used to-the protection of everybody’s civil liberties and dignities.

If straight guys can bother me every corner I turn, why can’t lesbians have the same privilege? If men can seduce women with money for sex, why can’t homosexuals do the same with willing partners? End the hypocrisy.

Why do straight sexual deviants have a free pass to harass women and seduce the desperate ones with cash, and peaceful homosexuals get this shit?

Wama, lesbians. Before the law is signed-again-come on to me.


4 thoughts on “Ladies….come on to me!”

  1. am glad people who think like you still exist, the government and the so called Ogwal should really think hard before implementing the stupid laws to innocent homosexuals….Thanks gal…Am with you on this.


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