Must we start kicking ze testicles?

A number of months ago, I was entering a taxi at at a stage. I was carrying several items so my posterior was poking out the door as I placed the bags in. All of a sudden, the taxi tout lightly touched my hip and whispered in my ear:

“Eh smollo gaalo, nga your bum is too big for yowa sizeeey”.

Fuck to the nah. He leaned back in surprise as I whirled around, spitting in his face.

“You STUPID bloody bufoon-who the hell do you think you are!”

It was enough. He stepped back quickly. I finished my glaring, and entered the taxi. After a few seconds, he poked his head in and delivered in my direction a prolonged jeer.

hell no

“Hold my bags” I told the surprised person next to me, and clambered out of the taxi quickly.

I threw myself at the tout, fists flailing as people begun to cheer and contribute helpful comments. The tout run away and I, satisfied, went back inside. A woman in front of me had her neck craned, looking back at me with distaste.

Unfortunately for her, I’ve got zero patience for people who think women who fight back are indelicate.

“And what the hell is your problem?” I snapped at her surprised face. “Madam, unless you want me to start on you for aiding and abetting sexual harrassment I suggest you turn your stupid face back around right now”.

When a man you don’t know sexually touches you, hisses at you, and other forms of harrassment, the only way to understand how horrible this is  is for it to be okay for women to go around kicking men in the balls.

Now there’s an idea…


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