Hang nationalism. Diversity is the thing.

When I was a child, nationalism was a good thing. It was a sign that you were proud of where you belonged, that you acknowledged the stupendousness of your country, and you carried inside you efficient levels of patriotism.

But nationalism is also an extreme form of patriotism, or a belief that your country is better than others. For like, nothing-just having a border with a name.

are you a nationalist

Are you a patriot? Are you? Huh? Huh?!

A nationalistic person is seen to be more deserving of a space than say, new immigrants, still pining for home. Or investors who sink all their hard savings into the lands of said nationalists.

I believe that while it is alright for you to know you were born in Ntungamo, and speak Runyankore, it is equally okay for you to move to Buganda and speak Luganda and decide that honestly, Buganda is your gwa for life.  If, in a few years, you decide that it is in fact Antarctica that is calling out to you, then by all means move on there too. Move everywhere!

(And don’t allow our politicians to emotionally blackmail you into sending money from the Diasporas. I’ve been paying my taxes going like a good nationalist and I can’t even get free medicine for it).

In this day and age where the internet connects people, influences change and where countries inter-relate politically and economically, and really, you can settle anywhere, I find that nationalism, patriotism and all those fancy terms in themselves  are really just a crock of shit designed to make you feel good about nothing. Or allow the powers that be to send you to war so you can die for nothing too.

are you a nationalist

Are you a patriot? Are you? Huh? Huh?!

I love the fact that right here in Uganda, I have friends from Sweden, America, Black America (totally different culture, I assure you), Ethiopia, Turkey, Japan, Eritrea, some half-Indians (nanti the full ones don’t want to jazz me!),Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ghana, Nigeria, France etc. Many of them have settled here or invested here but aren’t allowed to vote, or be citizens or run for office until their hair has gone grey.

ian clarke

This one first had to build two hospitals

So when I invite people to events or parties and they say things like, “Those things of expats? I don’t wanna know. I’d rather hang with my people.“.

That’s okay. Be a nationalist. Me I’ll enjoy homemade bread with my Ethiopian pips from their new year celebrations.


And in summary…


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