So…how does it feel to be squeezed?

This event happened in a taxi again (but seriously I need to get a car), when I was seated on the far end of the aisle of seats on which the conductor sits. My two immediate neighbors were huge women, which would have been fine if they had not had zero consideration for me getting some breathing space.

They  entered laden with paper bags of goods and made sure they and their loot had enough room to be comfy. I was squeezed to the point that I was making out with the window, squashed nose and all. I hated them. I bore my burden bravely until the already full taxi stopped to pick more passengers.

My huge neighbor begun to push me to the wall to make room for another person.

Was she fucking kidding me?! Where was I supposed to go, out the window? I refused to budge.

“You, move!” she said impatiently. “We need space for a fourth person”.

“No” I said.

“What’s your problem?” she asked loudly.

“I don’t want to be squeezed some more. It’s like mid-day. Plenty of taxis around. So what’s your problem?”

Unkind phrases were hurled in my direction from passengers in the taxi.

“Stop being oversensitive!” “Refusing to help a fellow passenger who wants to go home!” “How can you be so selfish?”

I gave my side of the story.

“I’ve paid to sit three in a row, not four. Also, in case of an accident, it makes a lot of difference when the taxi is not overcrowded if I’m going to survive. So there!

“Take away your nonsense!” the conductor said. “If you don’t want to share with a fourth person, then just get out!”

“Fine by me” I replied. “As long as I’m not paying you a penny. I’m almost home anyway”.

When he realized how serious I was, the conductor swore and the fourth person was made to find a way to fit without bothering me, because I stuck my feet firm and refused to budge an inch. Consequently, the two women next to me found themselves very squeezed indeed.

It took about five minutes (I’m not kidding!) for everyone to stop abusing me. Silence descended upon the taxi, and I was moved to say something.

“Don’t do it, Lindsey” said my inner voice. “Just let it end here”

“Where’s the fun in that?” I thought. So I had my last say.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked my neighbors kindly.


5 thoughts on “So…how does it feel to be squeezed?”

  1. Why do you have to assume “huge women clearly dedicated to a life of eating”. Speaking as a huge person i find it offensive that people always assume huge people eat a lot. While this may be the case in some case’s this is not true for every case.


  2. 😉

    Disturbing how Ugandans are quick to attack anyone who stands up for what is rightfully due to them!

    A good read.


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