I finally found my rolex guy

I did not like this rolex fellow. But so far he was the only one I ever saw around.

Why didn’t I like him, you must be wondering? Well, because he didn’t like putting tomatoes in my rolexes. I said it once, I said it a hundred times to him. I said, “Ssebo, you always just put in one or two pieces of skin. Can you please add tomatoes?”

He heeded my instructions by throwing in a millimeter more of tomato skin. But last week, I wasn’t having it. No way, no sir. I may be short and little but I shall not have my rights trampled upon.

I approached him and said firmly, “Ssebo, this time I want you to put tomatoes in my rolex!”

He stared at me. I clenched my jaw, gritted my teeth and narrowed my eyes.

“You want more tomatoes in your rolex?” he said. “Go and buy your own tomato!”

I stood there for a moment as murderous thoughts swirled around my head. I know I opened my mouth and a half hearted insult came out, but I was truly defeated. I trudged away sourly, knowing I was never again going to eat a rolex.

But not tonight. No, sir. Tonight, I am lying back against my pillow, cradling my stomach full of rolexes in sleepy satisfaction. Yes, sir.

(Seriously. It’s like I’m pregnant).

I was heading home when I saw him tucked away in a corner. Could it be? I wondered. And it was. Another rolex guy!

I was going to have two rolexes for supper tonight.

I prayed he wouldn’t have the same customer care as his predecessor (who was only a few meters away, by the way), as I asked him to make me a rolex, and ‘add tomatoes’.

He started by laying egg upon the hot plate. He then placed the chapati on top of the egg. Dreams of a proper rolex faded away.

“Hey!” I protested. “What are you doing? That’s not how I want the rolex!”

“Madam, trust me”, he said, with a smile. “You will enjoy”.

“Enjoy what?”, a friend of his nearby said. “You know when you make them like that, they fill the stomach quickly. Do you really expect this small girl to eat both of your rolexes?”

The rolex guy bent over to spread some egg on top of the chapati so that it was now a chapati wedged between two eggs.

“Also you, be serious”, he laughed at his friend. “Of course she’s not going to eat both of them. One is for her breakfast!”

I took a step back and studied the stars busily. When he had finished the rolexes, he handed them to me with a smile.

“Please, I want you to come back tomorrow after you have enjoyed my rolex”, he said.

You bet your niceness I will.

I left a quarter for breakfast.

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