Could Ugandan men be pedophiles?

It still puzzles me to this day, how many mature men lust after me because they think I’m thirteen years old.

A recent change in living location has made it mandatory for me, over the last two weeks, to use the old taxi park every day. My usage of said taxi park has brought up a question I always had over what I used to perceive as trumped up ‘defilement’ charges against many Ugandan men.

How, I used to think, can a prison have so many defilers? Every godamn day you open a paper and there’s a defiler lurking about. This shit ain’t true. It’s made up. This we all know, I was convinced, is just a ploy by haters to either get something out of these innocent victims or punish them for some personal slights.

I’m starting to suspect it isn’t a lie. I think Ugandan men like to sleep with very very VERY young girls.

I’m not talking about fellows in banks. While this is also true for some ‘corporate’ men, the lives they lead make it difficult for them to practice their predilections openly.

What’s that you say? You think I’m lying? The ol’ reliable corporate don’t like their spring chickens? Ha! How many of these men sleep with their young housemaids, if I may ask? And wasn’t there a radio discussion one time where guys were admitting that if it wasn’t for the law, they’d dump their mid-to late twenties chicks for a tight, lush 15 year old? I’ll try to remember it.

In the meantime. I’m going to focus on the men in the taxi park, taxi touts, boda bodas, and…you know what? Pretty much any guy who isn’t wearing a suit. Ugandan men like their girls young enough to be manipulated. Maleable.

And before you claim that every woman gets this attention, I would like to specify and swear like a bitchass that I, as a Kukunda writing here, get this attention solely because they think I am a little girl. I don’t blame them for thinking I’m that kind of young coz fact of the matter is I’m little.

You know, like T to the I, and the NY.

One day when I was thirteen, I was jumped by some guy in the old taxi park. He blocked my path, and kept trying to pull me into his taxi. His friends laughed. I stood my ground and told him politely to leave me alone. I hadn’t yet acquired my current skills in the expletives department. Another young girl came along, and he was on her in a second.

“Hey, sweetie’, he leered. I gasped when she blushed and squealed, “Bambi, tontawanya!”.

He grabbed her hand forcefully and pulled her toward him while she ‘protested’, “Nedda, bambi! Ihihihihi. Aaahhaaaa…Nedda!”

Pathetic. The paedophile, not the young girl. Because generally, only the really young girls pay them any mind.

So every day I pass through the park, and every day I get attacked. Last night, a man reached out to grab my hand so he could pull me toward him, but this shit is so regular that I veered out of the way at the last possible minute, ignoring his suggestive pleas. I don’t even regard their existence anymore. That’s how regularly I am approached.

Before, only a couple of weeks ago, I used to fight and quarrel and say stupid things like, ‘Touch me and see! Mschew! Touch me again!’

Like I could do anything about it if they did.

 “Hello, Baby!” I get called on a daily. And they’re not saying ‘Bayybbeee’ like Bieber does. They’re saying ‘Bebi’, as you would to an actual damn baby. They say ‘Bebi’ to me coaxingly like they’re saying:

“Oooh coochie. Ooogy wiggy wonkiy. Cutie cuchy foo foo foo. Mrrghhh!”

I’m talking baby talk, y’all. Motherfuckers are trying to coax me into their beds with godamn baby talk! 

The ‘Come here Bebi. Sweet Bebis!’ have become a background song. One of these songs turned nasty when I was waiting to cross a road one day and a boda boda man was ‘Bebing’ away. His colleague (a man of some sense) chided him in Luganda, saying, “Gwe, get serious. That girl is too young”.

“Genda”, the owner of the Bebi’s said. “Yes, she’s small but even these small girls can handle me. She can manage. The legs are small but eh! Look at her Ka bum. Am I lying, smolo gaalo? Tofaayo, she can handle. EH BEBI! JANGU BEBI! Naawee Mwana, jangu…’

Mwana! And to think that at night, I may have used that boda guy?



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