Kiss my tight, and mighty fine, lil’ Arse

‘Sheila and Elizabeth were talking about you yesterday’.

Hardly a conversation opener one wants to have first thing in the morning. But I could see that this was going to be had, so I braced myself as I asked my Sharer of Information.


‘They were talking about the way you dress’.

Oh, bother.


‘Well, they were saying that for such a small girl, you’re always wearing tight and revealing clothes. That you should dress in such a way as to not show how small you are’.

I think I should point out here that Sheila and Elizabeth aren’t the tiniest of birds. Wink.

‘Really? They think I’m too revealing of my small and girlish size, eh?’

I excused myself to go and look for some shits to give. Failing to find them, I returned to Sharer of Information.

‘Did you tell Sheila and Elizabeth to go to hell for me?’

ImageBecause I love how I look in all my (mbu) ‘revealing’ outfits.


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