Finding Love in a Taxi


I was in the back seat of the taxi this morning, next to an American guy who was really starting to get on my nerves.
It appeared the lady on the other side of the phone was a Ugandan who could not understand his accent.
“No, risentome!” he kept saying. “Wharam TRYINA to tell ya is that the girl you gat me isn’t SUIRABO! I need someone with really soft skin and soft heinds. You gat it? SOFT HEEEIIIINNDDS!”
Why must Americans be so loud? And why was he asking for strange things in public? This went on for five whole minutes. It was time for action. I pulled the phone out of his hand and spoke into it.
“Hello, my name is Lindsey. What your friend is saying is that he wants a woman with, what? Soft skin and soft hands. Okay?”
“Soft skin and what?”
No wonder.
“Soft hands”.
“Soft hands, eh?!”
“Yes. Soft hands”.
“So, he wants me to get him a woman with soft skin and soft hands, ah?”
“Soft skin and hands, yes!”, I snapped before I hung up and tossed the phone back to its owner. I went back to my reading. I heard him clearing his throat and knew I was going to get a telling off. I steeled myself mentally. I relish taxi fights. It’s impossible to get physical so heated verbal exchanges are fairly civilized.
“You’re win, right?” he asked.
I glanced at him, startled. “I’m sorry?”
“You said your name was Win. I’m Nathan”.
“Oh. No, I’m not Win’, I’m Lindsey”.
“Well, Lindsey…I’m Nathan and it’s nice to meet you”.
We made direct eye contact for a millisecond. I felt a sensation the like of which I had not experienced for years. Even if it was just for a minute, something special was happening here. He smiled at me, eagerly, expectantly.
I couldn’t say it was nice to meet him back. I couldn’t speak. It didn’t help that he looked like a star.
This star, to be precise
I tore my eyes away and looked the other way. I felt so foolish. My inner self started to hiss.
“Stop being such a girl. Look at the man and throw your phone number at him. Throw it now!”
I looked at him again, and he had not moved an inch. His eyes bore into mine and the tension between us was thickening real fast. I could literally feel my breath living my body as my blush reached unprecedented levels.
I hastily looked away again and pinched myself to make sure this was real. To make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
That would be the point where I woke up.
Damn it!

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