Verily, I say unto thee, ‘Street’ Preacher. These Souls, they need a savin’!

Y’all keep telling us that Jesus is coming soon, and all left behind shall suffer eternal hell fire and damnation.

Some of you have gone so far as to create special brands of Christians. Mbu Adventists, Catholics, Jehovah’s witnesses, Evangelists. Anyway.

The above is to show how confused you have all become. Do you know why? Don’t worry. I shall tell you.

You’re preaching to the choir.

After long and careful observation, I realize that your target audience is anybody who has heard of Jehovah, who has prayed to God, who believes in the holy spirit, and can name at least seven books in the bible and tell you a number of the stories contained therein; but, according to you, doesn’t have the faith of a mustard seed.

Jesus made it quite clear that all you have to do is believe in (the lamb or something), and you shall be saved.

It stands to reason, therefore, that you need to focus your energies on those who dedicate their lives to believing in the wrong god.

So when you stroll past the Mosques. When you stroll past the Indian temples. I say, when you ignore non-Christians and preach incessantly to people who are already inherently Christian…You’re dooming those who have never heard of the ‘lord and his love for them’ to eternal hell fire and damnation.

How can you justify your beliefs, ignoring these groups in broad daylight?

I know you know. But let me remind you!

I can already hear you, “I respect other people’s choices and religions. It is their choice”.

What? Just because they grew up not being Christians, you’re okay with them going to Hell?

Do you know how to get someone to shut up when they approach you and ask if you’re saved? (Aha! I know a number of believers who have their ears tuned now!)

If you say yes, oh sister, you’re in for a prayer session. But tell them you’re atheist. You become a puzzle too great to follow and they trot away to ‘pray for you’.

They want no close contact with anyone who is not ‘on the way to glory, glory, hallelujah!’. This includes rapists, murderers, homosexuals and prostitutes.

Not only must the Lord be ashamed, I suspect Heaven is a very empty place indeed. ‘Coz you see your brothers and sisters heading down a wrong path, and you insist on preaching to the choir.

So resign, please. Or pick up where the real missionaries left off. Baptize the souls of the real heathens!

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