How wonderful to have SUCH supportive siblings

Now this is a year in which I find myself bumping into opportunities. Naturally, one’s siblings must be kept abreast of these wonderful things that their brave sister is attempting to do.

One of these was my auditioning for a Health & Fitness TV Presenter position. Which was a completely and totally awesome experience.

So I casually mentioned it to my younger brother, C, in the Kitchen last week.

“Ooh, guess what? I auditioned for the role of a Health & Fitness TV Presenter. It was  SO much fun…what’s wrong?”

Because his face had taken on a most ghastly look. His eyes had gone wide, and his mouth was open, showing about 90% of his teeth. He looked dismayed. Which, indeed he was.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”, he demanded, aghast.

“Eh?”, I was dumbfounded.

“No, no, no, Rizar, please save us!”, his hands were now grabbing his head as he dashed to the living room to garner support from my sister who was minding her own business, reading a book.

“Have you heard what Rizar has said? About being a health and fitness presenter?”, he demanded.

“Yes”, my sister responded. “If Rizar wants to be a presenter, I think it’s important that we support her”.

“Very good”, I added. “What, C, you don’t think I can be a presenter? Are you calling me too thin? Too small?”

(Because, in all honesty, these were personal doubts that had been plaguing my mind).

“I don’t give a damn about you being a presenter! But Health & Fitness! What the hell do you know about health and fitness? Please, SAVE US!”.

“Hey, I know a lot about health and fitness. I do yoga, I drink lots of water, I sleep early (sometimes), I eat right…”

He scoffed. “With your lifestyle, are you sure you are the voice for health and fitness?”

Well, I think I know what he was talking about. But never mind. I’m working on that. Out the door, it’s going to be in a bit!

I promptly told him to fuck off with his pessimism and proceeded to the next opportunity. Signing up to premier with an all female comedy group.

This morning, I once again betook myself to my siblings. The sister snickered in such a way that made me ask no questions. I went to the brother once more.

“So, guess what?!”, I enthusiastically said.

His look was one of pure terror.

“Please don’t tell me you got the presenter job!”.

“No, no”, I said, affronted, but choosing to let it go. “No, I’m inviting you to watch me and the Queens of comedy this Friday”.

His face took on a very thoughtful look, and he looked like he was deliberating strongly on his next words. My arms crossed, I awaited the judgement.

“You know…”, he said slowly. “You know that even Chris Rock got booed, right?

Wamma, ignore him. Even me, I came from far.

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