It’s time to re-evaluate our relationship with Facebook

Now I’m not hating. Universe knows I have my share of Facebook addiction. To the point where I watch Facebook like it’s television.

You know what I mean. When you start off by hurriedly scrolling through your home page, then individually checking up on your friends, your groups and then-this is how you spend the rest of the day-looking for stories and information that you can contribute your opinion to.

You do some work, and every minute, your eye goes back to Facebook to see if someone has ‘Liked’ a comment of yours. So you can flex your fingers and get back to the grind-of being on Facebook.

I’d like to talk about people who live on Facebook. You let us know when you wake up. You let us know if you’re not sleeping. You let us know how you’re feeling.

As for this feeling business. It’s one thing to say, “Never felt so good-someone’s made me SO happy”, so that you can waste our time as we pester you with, “Tell us!”, or “Lucky you, you deserve it!”, while you blush and simper through your day-without telling us what’s made you so happy.

I’m talking about the people who narrate in detail what’s made them happy or unhappy-which man did what, or which sister said when. There are people I’ve never met, or haven’t seen in years, but I know EVERYTHING about their lives.

It’s only recently I started to wonder-aren’t we taking things too far? Do we have to open ourselves up so completely? How can we reveal our innermost selves to the world, giving them all that information?

You want examples of how you’re letting a lot of strangers know about you?

If you’re the kind of person who has an affirmation on your wall every two hours-“I know I can survive”/”Never let anybody tie you down”/”True love is around the corner, you just have to believe”-I say if you’re this type of person, you’re fucked up. You need to get off the internet and live a life, and realize there is life beyond the problems you think are unique to your alone.

If you’re the kind of person who gives us a blow by blow account of your wonderful relationship, complete with pictures of you and your special one ALL THE TIME, then you’re insecure in your relationship and want to lie to yourself by lying to the world.

If you’re the kind of person whose idea of having a Facebook wall is to clog it with pictures of yourself-taken by you every goddamn day, then banange, you need to get over yourself. I mean, think about it-how can you put up pictures of yourself, sitting, eating, smiling, etc. basically the same face we see all the time, with the body only covered in different clothes?

Then you have the people who put up pictures of the food they’re eating, right that minute.

I used to be the person who’d ‘Like’ such things going, “Lookin’ hot, girl!’ or “Preach it brother!”, until I begun to feel sad for all of us.

Trolling on posts is a problem already. But trolling on yourself? That is no way to live.

Just thought I’d mention it.

5 thoughts on “It’s time to re-evaluate our relationship with Facebook”

  1. You have some points here, oversharing is upon us, but as somebody in a fabulous relationship who likes to share her joy with the internets (in cloyingly sweet pictures and cute updates), I say jawwo nugu.


  2. Lindsey, I like your article but i don't think you have been objective enough, people post pictures on fb for different reasons. for example i have been out of the country for over 3 years. i haven't seen my friends in along time and wont probably meet them any soon since i can only afford one vacation a year. so in that case would it be wrong to post a picture of myself? perhaps my pic could tell a thousand words to people i haven't seen in over 6 years?


  3. But I want too share! you have no share button! wussup with that?
    anyways…funny shit as always and i guess i'm just going to have to share the old fashioned way…and YES, on facebookoo..


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