Kindness is a really good way to inspire Guilt

I was interested in purchasing for myself a pair of ear phones.

So I strolled along Kampala Road, and spied a phone and computer gadgetythingy shop. I approached the man behind the counter and inquired as to whether he had ear phones.

“Sure, no problem”, he said, and produced several massive headphones. Like studio headphones.

“No”, I protested. “I just want these basic earphones-you know, like for phones and computers and stuff”.

He produced a most impressive looking pair of ear phones. He explained why this pin was for the phone, and that second pin there could be use in a woofer at the same time. I liked the look of these ear phones.

“These are really snazzy. How much are they?”, I asked.

“These ones are 18,000. But these other ones here are even better, and they’re 20,000”.

Hm. I chewed on my bottom lip for a moment, then confessed.  “Well, actually, I have a budget of five thousand shillings”.

I lied. In my mind, I was in the good old days when ear phones cost 2,000. The man behind the counter just blinked. His colleague behind him was lifting his lip in a smile.

“You mean, you only have 5,000 shillings to buy ear phones?”, he asked.

Sha. If I had gone to the taxi park, they’d be that amount.

“Yeah,” I said. “Don’t you like, have really cheap ear phones? They don’t have to be fancy, I just want to be able to hear sound”.

The man bent down and begun opening drawers. I waited patiently. He, however, was not. With a tired sigh, he handed the headphones to me.

“You know what? Just give me the 5,000 shillings and take them. When you sort yourself out, you can come back and add me 5,000. Merry Christmas”.

I still feel really weird about having the ear phones. Heading there first thing after work for that top up.

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