Piss off, player.

It went down in the back seat of a taxi. I must admit taxis do have a knack for keeping your life interesting. Anyway.

He was tall, brown and very young but kinda gorgeous. But I was merely making an observation. It did not mean I wanted to get his identity card. He seemed to be interested in more than a business card, by the direct glances I kept feeling pinned to my face. I turned to ask him what his ish was. 
Yeeesss? Vat can I do for you?

He beat me to the first sentence. 

“I’m Bush”, he said, and grinned at me. I replied: “Erm… okay”.
I thought: “Change it. Your parents are crazy”. 

“How are you doing”, he continued. 
“Great”, I responded. 
“I can see”, he said meaningfully and looked at me appreciatively. 
I slowly and deliberately turned my head and became very engaged with looking out the window. How long could I politely ignore him? I did not feel like chatting with an admirer. Not today.
“How are you? I’m Bush”, I heard him say. 
I turned round, and I’ll be damned if brother wasn’t chatting up the girl next to him-and she was eating it all up very quickly indeed. Son-of-a-fork. I thought I was his crush. But I like to look on the positive side of things. I proceeded to eavesdrop. 
From their conversation, they had only recently finished school or (very doubtfully) were in University. But he was an enterprising fellow, telling the girl all about his business. Something with the name ‘Bush”. 
Go figure. 
They exchanged phone numbers and the girl said, “I’m so glad to have met you, and happy that you’re a friendly person. You know, most people in taxis don’t talk to strangers. They start giving you mean eyes or avoiding you, you know?” 
I started to fidget uncomfortably. When was this traffic jam going to clear up?
“Yeah, I know!”, enthused Bush with real feeling.”I’m also happy that you’re an approachable person”. 
I could feel the waves of reproach coming my direction. I proceeded to study the roof of the taxi. But it seems after making this vow of appreciation, they had nothing to say to each other. A long and awkward silence proceeded to grow. 
He turned back to me. “So where do you work”. 
No way. I don’t care if I’m being mean. I slowly and deliberately opened my bag, took out the first book I could lay my hands on (I carry quite a few) and buried my nose in it. 
What? You already made a friend. Stay with her.

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