I met a guy…

I was out with friends, and I noticed this guy saying hi to a pal of mine. I don’t know what it was, but something about him made him stand out.You know how you see someone, and you really want to know them? Something like that.

He did the rounds,and I watched him for about two hours, without trying to get an introduction. Yeah. There is that super sleuth in every woman.

Ama shoot him with this Cupid bullet when I get the sigino!

Eventually though, he was right in front of me. We clicked instantly. Conversation had never flowed so smoothly with a complete stranger. Sooner or later, we got round to the topic of the anti-homosexuality bill. With this whole Mubiru saga, how could it not? And then he said it. The five magic words.

“I’m gay, by the way…”

Then he went on smoothly talking. I did not hear a word. I was too busy internally howling at the moon.

Why me, why me, Lord, why me?

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