There are demons everywhere

I’d been strolling in a part of town when I saw a large commotion ahead of me. You know, like there’s been a car accident and people are trying to steal something or be witnesses. Usually, I walk right by these things but today I decided to see if I could do something to help.

Okay, I’m lying. I’m a busybody. I’m the ‘donkey in “Shrek” that’ll be jumping over everybody’s heads, going, ‘OMG. What the hell, man? Naye, Ugandans!” etc.

Nga Olabye?!

Today, I noticed the crowd was surrounding a woman wailing in grief. Her hair was askew, her hands were trying to pull it all out and she looked like something very bad indeed had happened to her.

I shoved myself through to the front of the queue right away. I already knew what had happened.

“Was she robbed?”, I demanded of my fellow Samaritans. “Was it a boda boda?”

“No, no”, an Indian man said. “She is possessed with demons”.

If a truck had rammed into me, I don’t think I could have been more stunned.

Keep at it-she’s in tears!

“She’s crying”, I pointed out gently to the fellow who’d spoken to me, not wanting to insult him too much. “She’s obviously in grief. She may have gotten a bad phone call and is now having a mental breakdown”.

Others chimed in. “She’s refusing to talk to us, this woman is possessed. We need to take her to Pastor Isaiah.” (not real name)

“What the fuck is a Pastor Isaiah?”, I couldn’t help snapping. “How about you first pass by a hospital then jump into this possession business when a doctor has written that prescription?”

I was highly gratified to hear one or two assents from behind me- “The girl may be right, I remember my aunt also had a mental breakdown like this, but it wasn’t spirits”.

I got gas. “Yes!”, I exclaimed. “Because there aren’t any such things as demons!”

Uh-oh. Shouldn’t have said that.

“You girl, are you a christian?”, the Indian demanded.

I gave him such a look as to suggest that I was asking him, “Are You?” He didn’t get it.

“Do not listen to this girl,” he told the crowd. “She is a pagan!”

Hm. I wasn’t going to hang around to wait for the blood lust  Some clever chap might decide I had caused the spirits to attack the woman.

I hightailed it right quick

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