Stay the fuck out of my peaceful place.

You see, there are people in this world who are stupid. They’re just plain stupid. These are the people who think that their opinion about your physical appearance, your natural or artificial attributes, are their concern, and they REALLY need to tell you what they think. And you should really give a damn.

Let me start at the beginning. I put up this picture on my facebook page:

One of my ‘facebook friends’ responded with: ‘You gal, I wont lie, you don’t eat’.

Man, oh, Man. I first looked at the sentence from in front, then I went behind. Then I leaned to the side of my chair and glanced at it out of the corner of my eye.

It remained the same. This human being was telling me I’m too thin. That I am unattractive. That I need to eat. That I have no business smiling in photographs revealing all my skinniness  This creature was telling me that he thinks I’m…I couldn’t breath for the fire flaring through my nostrils.

I was polite at first. I sent him a terse message telling him to keep his trolling hateful messages off MY personal space. That shit don’t go down with me, no sir. He responded by going back to MY space and saying something about how I don’t like facing reality. Then I just blocked him. And he should count himself lucky I stopped there.

It’s interesting how some people think that when you’re a ‘personality’ (which I don’t consider myself as), you should consider yourself open to the public’s opinions, and respect them. Bambi.

Not me, please. I’m open, all right. You can think what you want about me on your posts. You can write what you want about me in a magazine. And I shall consider myself free to defend myself like a lioness does her cubs. None of this, ‘take it like a lady’ nonsense.

But if you come to my facebook wall, and start pulling that shit, you’re leaving yourself open to an attack from me. And I will rub my hands gleefully, flex my muscles, tire burn the gravel out of that road.

Face reality, My Ass. 

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