To be read by only women!

Sorry to start off so rudely. But I was having a discussion with someone today, that reminded me of certain societal standards and expectations. Irritating the hell out of what was already a tiring day.

This friend had posted something concerning advice to women who have failed to get a man. Mbu it’s your fault, stop being a nag, don’t be desperate, change your ways, become marriage material etc. I decided to have it out personally with this friend of mine, who re-affirmed her belief in the post.

She’s in a happy relationship, and must therefore be an expert.

Now. Let us look at the number of women who are marriage material and have fake ass husbands. Then look at the number of good men who have fake ass wives. Then look at the so called ‘non-marriage’ materials where partnerships are being made everyday.

Are we seriously still stereotyping? There are no rules to this shit anymore. And if there are, you’re a Conservative and may not want to continue reading this post.

Fine, Bitch. I don’t need to read your shit anyhow

Although some think me a feminist, I do not consider myself one. But I simply must wonder why the world should have the audacity to tell women to get married, to become ‘the right material’ or any of that balderdash.

I have lots of wonderful 30 plus year friends who are not married-some because they did not settle out of desperation, and some because they simply don’t want a man. Their families want it, their friends and society wants it, tells them everyday they’re not getting any younger-but they themselves don’t feel the need for it.

I have been in a number of relationships and I remember that in each one, I was always feeling sorry for single chicks. I was young and stupid and went, ‘Oh, at least I have somebody’. Well, several somebodies down the line and I’m thankful none of those relationships worked out! I see them with their new girlfriends or wives or what have you, and I thank Heaven I might have the chance to find something more worthy.

Sorry guys. I’m not saying you sucked. I’m just saying you erm…kinda sucked.

(Yeah. I know. I can hear the married ladies and those in relationships pointing fingers at me and my Ilk, and saying I’m in denial, or jealous or-you know what y’all say about women who ‘claim’ to be happy alone).

I’m not looking for a man. But if I found a potential partner, I would give it a try. The important thing is, this thing called ‘marriage’ should not be the be all and end all of life.

It’s called a sense of Identity. If you find a partner, great. If you don’t, great. If you marry and divorce, that’s okay. If you co-habit forever, no problem.

Coz it’s all about you. Notice how the man’s cut out? 🙂 

If you’re single, get a damn dog or cat and own that spinster shit! Whatever happens happens. It’s called life.

Live it, no matter what situation you’re in, and ignore those posts that try to tell you where you should be and what you should be doing. I do. Which is why I’m getting my own pet tomorrow. Practice makes perfect 🙂

I’ve failed to get a man. You’ll have to do!

6 thoughts on “To be read by only women!”

  1. aaah lindsay, there was a time i changed my wardrobe and stuff to be more marriage material, my girlfriends and my mum said i was too out spoken and i was running all the good men off. but i woke up couple of months later still single and thought WTF! and i gave up, to hell with with marriage material am going to be me and be happy and if i want a man, fifty shades of grey`s christian will cure that addiction with a simple filp of pages


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