Panamera: These things happen more than you know.

I’ve followed some of the stories relayed by the workers of Panamera bar, and one question that keeps popping up is, why didn’t anyone do anything while workers and customers were being assaulted? Even police looked on and did nothing.

I shall tell you firsthand the answer.

The owner of the bar was feared. Period. Rumors circulate that he had an AK47, had connections, had killed people etc. But rumors are not enough to make the public and police afraid of somebody. For a man like Kananura to allegedly possess such invisible power suggests that he actually had that power.

Then there is the issue of beating customers. People are scoffing at that. How can you beat customers? Let me also explain how.

A few years ago, I had an experience at a discotheque in Nakulabye called L’atmosphere.

My friends and I were visiting it for the first time. We ordered quite a large round of drinks and some of us proceeded to light up. A waitress approached me instantly, warning me that the bar was a non-smoking one.

“If you don’t put it out, something very bad will happen to you”, she warned. We obliged instantly and begun to settle into our seats and enjoy our night. Ten minutes later, a huge tree trunk of a man who looked like a bouncer was in front of me.

“I hear you are smoking”, he snapped. I assured him that I was not. I did not think it necessary to point out the obvious fact that there were no cigarettes in the vicinity to speak of if he’d just look around. He pushed his face in front of mine, and placed the palm of his hand against my cheek. I was riveted in fascination. Did he propose to slap me?

“If you do that again, I will put my hand on you. Do you hear?! I will PUT MY HAND ON YOU”. He was seething with some form of pent up rage. I told him I understood and he marched off. I was shaking.

My friends, bless them, told me that was no way to treat a customer, and advised me to seek out the manager and report this beast who was surely to chase customers away and ruin his business. I obliged. Everyone I approached did not want to show me the manager.

Eventually, I was near the entrance and speaking to a bouncer who pointedly looked behind him. It was my old friend.

“I hear you are looking for the manager”, he shouted. “Eh? Who do you think you are?!” He shoved me with his arms and I stumbled backwards, trying not to fall. He was beating his chest with his hands like a gorilla, blocking the stairway to the club.

“What, bitch? You want to report me? Come near me again. Just try and pass me, you bitch!”

Oh, you can be sure there was no pride in me at this point. Only self-preservation. This man was going to hurt me. And by the look in his eyes, and the smiles of his fellow colleagues (about four of them were surrounding him, their arms folded across their chests-they were all smiling), this was something they did everyday.

At that moment I just knew that this was not a normal discotheque and my friends and I had no business being there.

“Please”, I asked the men. “Help me! Just let me through to get my things. My bag and phones are inside”.

He responded by gripping me by the elbow and flinging me against the wall, knocking the breath out of me. Then he grabbed my arm again and threw me down the stairs out of the club, where I landed in a heap on the stone floor.

(As a result of his elbow gripping, I developed a condition called a punctured vein or something which lasted for only a week thankfully)

“Yeah, bitch!”, he was still shouting. “You want some more? Come back here, bitch!”

A kind Samaritan passing by went inside, located my friends and we got as far away from that place as possible.

I tried to track down the manager or owner of L’atmosphere. I was assured of a lady who knew him. When I contacted her, she asked why I wanted him. When I told her why, she promptly ceased all communication.

If the manager or owner was anything like Desh Kananura is purported to be, I’m glad I listened to an inner voice that told me to leave the matter be.

I know that I will never forget that bouncer’s face and how he made me feel-in his eyes, I could see he was aroused by what he was doing to me (oh, forgive me for telling the truth as it is-they were all aroused).

My sympathies go out to anyone who suffered at the hands of Desh or his people. The psychological effects will take a long time to get over.

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