Christians are dangerous people

When I look at their reaction over the past few weeks to the anti-homosexuality bill, I’m starting to suspect that we should have another bill to put away a certain type of christian.

I swear. 
And I’m focusing on Christians  No other religious people. They’re the ones holding demonstrations, they’re the ones using God to preach hatred and intolerance and lord have mercy-pushing for bills to accommodate their ‘beliefs’ as Christmas gifts. 
Why on earth are these people (yup. YOU people) allowed to behave like animals? Let me share what I’ve seen so far. 
“motherfucking gays. I swear if I meet one I will kill him with my bare hands. I won’t mind going to prison”
“screw these motherfucking pupu drillers”
“yes, we must get rid of this vice. they are destroying our nation. this is a christian nation, and God would want us to fight them”
“the bible says man and woman. these homos are animals. I swear, we must pass this bill to protect our children!”
“how can you push your thing into an anus? sincerely? these are not people. they are agents of satan and must be KILLED”
Wow. None of the people making these comments have EVER met a homosexual or had their lives disrupted by one. They are panicking purely on moral grounds. Moreover, they use very vulgar language as to suggest they are really repressed pornography addicts. 
(By the way. Porn’s been around for generations and only gets classier with time. Nothing to be ashamed of).
Anyway. Whose morals are in question here? And these are the people who belong in heaven? 
You all wish. 
Nah. Let me express myself properly.
FUCK you guys who use Christianity to defend your ability to commit murder. And If heaven and hell do exist, I hope you rot in the latter. Because it’s where you belong. 
Think I’m wrong? Wait for some of the comments this post is going to receive and judge for yourself.
Don’t you like, have a life or something?

2 thoughts on “Christians are dangerous people”

  1. where is the share button? anyway, this is an issue that eats me up deeply, because i'm a christian. i have gay friends. and they look normal to me, like any other person. so for “christians” to say such hateful words always beats me! they've most probably never had a friend or relative who is gay. and i pity them. they don't know love.

    again, where the hell is the share button?


  2. Most of these “christians” haven't even ever read the bible. Way back in school, I had a gay friend and he was the friendliest and most adorable person in school. He feared telling anyone about his sexuality and I was rather shocked when he told me. His reason was that I never seemed to mind what others believed or committed to. He knew I wasn't a believer but he was. These christians' idea that a nation can belong to them (as a cult) is vanity. Our country is a secular state and I'd urge them to read the constitution and the bible before they start posting any comments here or go match on the streets. I am ashamed to say I once was an anti-gay kinda person and I lack justification for that – I was a Catholic then. Fucking idiots.


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