I Go Where You Go

It’s one of these films that you start off watching cursorily, and then cancel your work meeting because you would be in agony if you didn’t finish it right away. The movie’s called ‘Waiting for Forever’ and I want to share with you one of the best love stories I’ve come across in a while.

(Fuck off Stella. Deep down inside, I know you think my taste in movies is wack).

This guy in his early twenties is travelling to a town to meet the woman he’s supposed to marry. He’s hitched a ride with this couple and he’s telling them a story about when they were ten years old. The couple is in tears by the time he’s done with the bit about his parents dying and his ten year old future wife called Emma has just finished whispering to him, “They will always be with you”.

Oh my. It’s only when he reaches town and goes to meet his older brother that you realize this love-lorn guy-Will-is a bit out of sorts. He talks to his dead father aloud. All the time. Thanks Emma.

That’s okay. But then, the relationship with his future wife actually ended when they were ten. He moved away after his parents died. Then you also realize that his blue and white plaid outfit you were admiring, which goes really well with his canvas shoes and his hat-is actually a pair of pajamas  They’re the only clothes he owns. He also works as a street performer-juggling, clown work and what not.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, eh?

Here’s the kicker. He’d just spent the last few years with Emma. Everywhere she was, he was. He never approached her. He just wanted to be near her. The movie even takes us back to a time when Emma was in College and she put money in Will’s cap as he performed on her campus. Surreal, huh?

Will’s brother is understandably upset that he’s come home because Eve has too. He’s labeling him a stalker (bro, I feel you).

However, I begun to feel Will too. His heart was so obviously in the right place even though he was a bit bizarre about it all. He ‘bumped’ into Emma, who was ecstatic. They spent the day together. He took her to the park. He took her to their favorite parlor when they were kids, and paid a guy and his date to give them the seats they used to sit on when they were little. He casually asked for ‘the cheapest bottle of champagne’. In such a way that shows he was breaking his bank account to purchase even that. It was lovely.


Then the fool told her he’d always been with her. Naturally she freaked the F out. Accused him of following and stalking her for years. He asked, in the most perplexed and puzzled facial and audio expression:

“Following you? What are you talking about? I’m not following you. I go where you go.”

(Man. You come on out of that screen and tell me you go where I go and I’ll drag your ass to the chapel that instant).

Not Emma. She run away. Will was framed for a murder of a former lover of hers blah blah, by her fiance. Guess who his alibi turned out to be? The couple who gave him a ride. They also informed her about everything he’d told them.

Fast forward. Will has moved to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. He sends Emma a letter. I just have to share a paragraph with you:

“Bad love asks to be loved in return. Good love asks for nothing. This, I am happy to say, is my first good love letter to you”. He made it clear it was also his last and wished her such an abundance of love that my eyes misted over.

Well, I guess Emma wanted some more of that! She appeared when he was performing and when he’d done his act (I’m going to make some of you hardened cynics puke here), he walked up to her, smiling. At this point, I won’t lie. My misty eyes had become two waterfalls. He leaned in real close, placed his lips to her ear and asked her this:

“Are you following me?”

Then he let his forehead collapse on her shoulder and they held hands for three minutes with other acts performing around them.

Hat daym. I haven’t cried like that in eons.

But you’re also too handsome

Then again, it could just be PMS or something.

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