Kampala Sun-Leave teenagers alone.

So today, for no reason whatsoever (and I wish I didn’t), I bought a copy of the Kampala Sun. Only to be regaled with not one, but FIVE pages of a variety of what I think are exaggerated accounts, of teenagers in Kampala today.

These stories were literally about how terrible it is that teenagers smoke, drink and party. And they should be arrested for it, and their parents held accountable. When does a tabloid (let’s face it, that’s what you are) start to set down rules and guidelines for Ugandan citizens, no matter what their age? I mean seriously, read this quote:

“That these children are behaving badly is of course, nothing new. What is worrying is that no matter how much we expose them, nothing seems to dissuade them”.

Yeah, your articles expound on their bad manners of them hanging out in the parking lot. Let me explain something to you nitwits. We’ve all done it. Well, almost all of us. If, when Nakumatt just opened, you did not experience the thrill of just hanging out in the parking lot in the late hours, knowing your next refill of drinks or food was only just a short walk away, well, you’ve missed out. We had fun. Then we moved on. Left it to the campusers. Who then moved out and left it to the teenagers. So chill already.

But no. This publication goes so far as to suggest that the management of Nakumatt should do something about this teenage virus.

“While Nakumatt has served an unrivalled shopping experience, it appears the mall has not dug deep into the need to uplift moral consumerism?”

Are you serious? Did you idiots even read this before printing it? What does a 24 hour shopping mall have to do with moral consumerism? The audacity of this tabloid becomes more interesting, as whichever nincompoop who wrote the article castrates the guards for ‘speaking in feigned gangsta accents  and puffing at cigarettes like the wanna-be’s do’. 

“Is it okay for police to look on as the teenagers kiss, smoke, abuse alcohols and drugs? Can’t this be classified as a crime?” 

First wait. Let me laugh properly again. Aha. Aha. AHAHAHAHA.

Let’s understand that this is the year 2012 and what kids do are a hell of a lot different than what you, oh ancient writer, did in your heyday. The internet and all that. Jumping over your parent’s fence was your thing- to dance in a nightclub to play pool. However, nowadays wise parents don’t want that shizzle. They give their kids cars and money and hope for the best.

And you know what? Sooner or later, they get it. I applaud Captain Francis Babu for quoting to this impertinent publication:

“What is happening is just a phase which they will outgrow”

That’s it. This particular issue was blatantly accusatory of parents who are liberal with their children (five pages-really?) and leads one to believe they were paid to slander hard working parents who are not available 24 hours for their children, as some of us were lucky to get.

If I were you, I’d stick to the adults in this country. When you really go out, and stop hanging around Nakumatt drooling after teenagers, they’re the ones who are really fucked up. 

4 thoughts on “Kampala Sun-Leave teenagers alone.”

  1. I hope that when finally the trend is cocaine, you will help stick a neddle through your child's arm Lindsey. I mean after all it is the times and they will outgrow it. Have you visited Butabika lately? Do you know the number of children abusing drugs and alcohol who are booked into that mental hospital? Seriously Lindsey SHAME ON YOU


  2. ma dia thanx for the concern but u have to know that we heading for a unreasonable times where we are seeing teenagers getting directly into unbearable behaviors so its the time to act if ma parents had not given me direction i wouldn't be here where iam… those people who write the articles whom u say are drunkards are not teens ma concern are on the teens


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