Now this is a stupid person

So I was out last night with a friend, relaxing in a venue I shall not mention. This is because I do not want it to suffer for the quality of the clientele it allows into the place.

Next to me were a group of Ugandans. After a few moments, two caucasian ladies walked up to say hello. We’ll call one Blondie (coz she was blonde) and the other one Belle. Coz she was pretty.

The Ugandan put his hand out to Blondie and she said, without missing a beat.

“No way, I’m not shaking hands with black people”.

My head whipped round so fast, I thought my neck would dislocate itself. To her credit, Belle’s head also whipped round with shock. She stared at her friend, aghast. Blondie got the point, and laughingly said, “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just this Ebola thing”.

The Ugandan begun to bluster.

“Whachu thinkin’, fool?”, I seethed silently. “Let this bitch have it!”

Nah. He was too polite. I observed as Belle tried hard to engage the Ugandans in talk to make them forget what Blondie had said. It would have been easier if Blondie looked a little shamefaced.

I have to say this is one of those few times when I do not know what to say to a situation.

No, wait. I’ve got it. Damn, I wish she’d said that to me. 

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