Taxi conductors-paying them back the round-about way

That’s what you do when you can’t make one pay for spoiling your peace directly. This is how I did it.

I was in a taxi (obviously) and wanted to get out. Unsurprisingly, the conductor raised my fare by 200 shillings. That’s all, but it’s the principle of the thing. I had come from Kitintale and was getting out in Bugolobi. He passed the Nakawa route which is when I decided to get out.

“You’re joking. I’m not going to pay you that money. It’s mine!”

“Eh?”, the thief countered. “You either pay or I’ll take you to Nakawa and leave you there and you can pay 500 to come back”.

“Fuck you!”, was my response. And I planted my butt firmly in the seat.

To my alarm, he and his fellow thief (the driver) set off. I begun to panic. After all, it was only 200 shillings. Was I being a fool?

But no. I was angry. This has happened too many times to too many people and I begun to contrive a means to finally do something for the planet. And it’s inhabitants of course.

When they contemptously dropped me in Nakawa, I copied their license plate number and headed to the police station. They were surprisingly horrified at my ordeal.

“You mean they have dropped you here to take yourself back?!”, one of them asked aghast. The other three policemen present tutted in sympathy and disgust. They convened for a means to solve the situation.

“Let us go to the Nakawa taxi park and locate this license plate and it’s owners”, one of them said, furious.

It’s so nice to be a small, delicate looking female. *Smile.

Another asked, “But what law shall we say they have broken?”. I begun to feel anxious. A female officer sitting at a desk laughed.

“Just tell them they have contravened Article 17 of the passenger act in public transportation”.

True story. She said that. The policemen memorized this new law and they walked with me to the park where we strolled around looking for the taxi that had mistreated me. It wasn’t there of course.

The policemen summoned the manager of the park, screamed at him for about 15 minutes, told him about the law, threatened to take action against the entire park unless-they gave me 2000 shillings for a boda. The manager argued. Couldn’t he just put me in a taxi?

“What?!”, the police asked. “How do you expect us to trust your taxis? Can’t you see the young girl is traumatized! Give her money for a boda”.

It was done. I saw the manager handing over the license plate number to a colleague and asking that he be notified as soon as that taxi showed up.

Sure, I’d just wasted about an hour of my time. It was, however, time well wasted. God bless some members of the police force.

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