Bambi trolls…mind your own ish…

The more I browse the internet, the more I notice a lot of misplaced hating.

So I saw a post dedicated to discussing the ‘isn’t she too thin?’ NTV news anchor. (I will admit I have a soft spot for thin people, being cursed with the condition myself). But honestly. Are you trying to say she’s too thin to work? *rolling eyes.

Then there was another one dissing girls who smoke. Oh, and this one was started by a former smoker. These ‘repentant’ sinners are the worst by the way. I have observed that no one will judge a poor person worse than someone who used to be poor. Does this phrase sound familiar?

“I worked my way up. You can get out of poverty. I will not pity poor people. It’s their fault they are where they are!”

Let’s not even start on women who used to be loose (or in extreme cases, prostitutes) and have finally built themselves a decent life. Mama, mama, mama! (do the intonation Ugandan style)-the way they will diss girls they used to be like!

Sure, in my own way, I’m hating on people who hate on society’s reprobates. I’m the one trolling now in a way. But these reprobates are minding their own bizwax.

Ain’t nothing drives me crazier than ‘good’ people rubbing their virtues in everyone’s faces. You wanna be perfect? Fine. Go ahead. But don’t make life hard for honest people in touch with themselves, trying to find their place in the world and you’re just making their lives miserable. That makes you an asshole-or a bitch.

So you’re fat. So what? Stop hating on the thin NTV chick.


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