What a way to start the day!

So I have to be at work around 5.50-6.00 am sharp. It’s the rules. And the job. On the plus side, there is a driver who picks me up every morning. His signal is usually to just ring the doorbell and scare everyone in the house to death. He’ll be doing this doorbell ringing at around 5.15 am, you see.

So he rang the doorbell this morning, and an alarm started to go off in my head very quietly. This bell ringing usually occurs when I’m waiting patiently, sipping the last remnants of my cup of tea. Today however, I was in bed. Fast asleep. Warily, I took a peek at the time on my phone. Had I overslept?

It was 10 minutes to 6 am.

Let’s just say then next 40 seconds saw me perform superhero action. I spent about two seconds sitting up gasping ‘Oh, shit. Oh, SHIT!’

Next thing, I was running around my room in a full scale panic, ‘What the hell am I going to do?!’ I panted, looking out the window at the rising sun. ‘What the bleeding hell?’

My clothes. I needed to dress up. I forgot that I’d laid out a perfectly nice outfit the night before. I run to the washbasin instead.

Dirty jeans. Fine. Shirt with very visible hole in front. I don’t care. My phone was still ringing frantically.

I picked it and shrilled into the phone, “Wait for me, I’ll be RIGHT there”. And hung up on driver who hadn’t even had time to say good morning. Running at full speed, I realized I was wearing slippers. I knew I was late, but that wouldnt fly.

I reached the studio and realized I felt odd as the first hour progressed.

I had forgotten to wear any underwear.

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