Every time it rains…

I get like, super excited. I love rain. In fact, if I wake up in the morning and it’s rained, I get livid. I missed it!

So I was leaving home this morning and to my delight, it was drizzling. I looked out into the horizon and I saw the most dismal cloud cover. In addition to that, I heard a roaring sound. Somewhere it was raining bad, and it was surely going to come my way.

I dashed back into the house and hastily went through my closet, looking for that huge blue raincoat with all its layers of protection and super huge hood. Once safely ensconced within it, I resembled something of an eskimo. No umbrellas for me, no sir. I meant business.

I cheerfully walked down the path leading to the main road, smirking at the envious looks I was receiving for being so safely covered up. I reached the main road and waited for a taxi. I didn’t care how long it took, I was set and I was going to enjoy this rain.

But what was this? The drizzles died down in an instant. The cloud cover disapeared and the sun begun to peek through. In a few seconds, I was hot. I was now receiving very queer locks from my fellow taxi waitees.

“It was going to rain”, I muttered. They smirked at not regretting forgetting their umbrellas.

God damn Ugandan weather.

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