You’re really starting to piss me off.

 Let me just be clear about something.

I’m sick and tired of you normal, healthy, curvaceous or fat people pointing out the fucking obvious fact that I’m small. Or advising me to eat more. If I get bigger along the way, so be it. For now though, these are the facts:

I’m happy with my skinny thighs. I love having no cellulite. I love having apricots for breasts coz they’re forever perky and I don’t need to worry about drooping. I love my thin arms, my small ass and my tiny waist. Surprised? Let me tell you why.

My body is the only thing I shall ever truly own in this world, no matter what state it’s in and I’m damned straight going to be proud of it, forever and ever and ever.

Some of you who do this to me are my friends and co-workers and I love you all dearly. But you can take your well meaning concerns and toss them down a drain or something.

You’re welcome.

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