One fine evening, a few friends of mine decided to go to the MishMash restaurant located along Acacia Avenue, and since I like the place generally, I did not mind joining them.

Sure, I had accused the owner of the establishment, Mr. Adam Williams, of practising racial profiling on his Facebook page ‘ Muzungus in Uganda’ when he put forward the suggestion of deliberately excluding Ugandans from joining the group. I had even written about it in a local magazine.

But was I going to hate on the restaurant? No, please. It’s nice and cosy and just the sort of place you want to partake of dinner and wine in good company.

This is what I was doing with a plate of salmon (and a glass of wine) when I spotted Adam Williams a few feet away from me. I was seized with an urge to go and introduce myself.

A stupid move, you may wonder? Yes, but I had a reason.

I had received reports that I and a few people had seriously damaged the reputation of the establishment with allegations of Facebook profiling. Somehow the allegations had spread to the restaurant itself, and I wanted to explain that I had never said anything about the restaurant and in fact, was a regular patron.

So I introduced myself.

“I’m sorry if anything I wrote or said has deliberately impacted on your business, but it was not done deliberately”, I said. Or something to that effect.

Mr. Williams let me know he did not give a toss for my sorries. Which was fine. I expected it. I even expected him to say something along the following lines:

“I appreciate your introducing yourself to me, but the damage is irreversible and I would appreciate it if you would kindly leave my restaurant, and never return”.

Instead, his wife showed up and events became very interesting indeed.

“Is this Lindsey?” she demanded. “Is this the girl who wrote about us?” Or something to that effect.

I made the seriously grave error of nodding in confirmation and owning the name.

“How dare you show up in my restaurant?!” she yelled at me.

“Good point” I thought. “What in the dickens am I doing here anyway?”

I wanted to leave but this woman was just getting started.

“You are an evil, evil person. The most evil person ever. You have ruined our lives!”

This was not going to be constructive. I ventured forth a suggestion.

“Do you think perhaps we could sit down and talk about this, and clear the air?”

This was not the train of thoughts that Adam’s wife was running along.

“Do you still have your job?” she demanded.

“Yes” I squeaked. It was the second and last word I was able to utter to her.

“I cannot believe you still have your job. I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that you no longer have your job by next week”.

Or something to that effect. All I knew was that she had the power to make me lose my job. I stared at her with what I hoped was the blankest expression I could will my facial features to maintain.

“How dare you stare at me with that condescending attitude?” she shrilled. “How DARE you?”

Obviously I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t. I turned to my friends and asked if they wanted to leave with me. One of them did, the other two were in a daze and too confused to move. Adam’s wife horned in on them.

“It’s all right if you want to stay”, she yelled. (To summarize, she was pretty much yelling the whole time). “But I want this evil EVIL woman out of my restaurant!”

I couldn’t get out fast enough, but not without looking longingly at the two slivers of salmon I had still not consumed on my plate. I left to the sound of Adam’s wife regaling my friends with tales about the extent of my evil nature.

My friends kindly let me know the next day that I was expected to return to MishMash as soon as was possibly convenient to clear my bill.

Wait, the bill that the Madam forgot to ask me to clear before screaming at me and throwing me out?

Of course. Naturally. I’ll get on it right away.


  1. Have you guys seen this:

    They're still at it!!!

    @allan atukunda, please don't lump all bazungu in with these ignorant fools! It puts you on the same footing as people like Adam and his wife. (You're not the same Allan who wrote the article above are you? If so, BRAVO!!)

    I've never been to MishMash (seeing 'Mzungus in Uganda' was enough) and I never want to!!!! (Apart from the curiosity factor, but I wouldn't want to give them my business even for that!!)



  2. I am Libertarian and my views may not be popular but that doesn't subtract from them.
    I need to clear up some issues:-
    Is anyone forced to go to that particular establishment in the first place?
    Does anyone doubt one's right to admit or exclude anyone from their property?


  3. Now I want to read the original article!

    I came across the original controversy on Facebook and it occured to me at the time that these idiot running MishMash as well as the closed “muzungu” forum needed to take their arses back home if they had no respect at all for their hosts and dared to practice apartheid in a foreign country!

    Ugandans are welcoming people -too welcoming in my opinion if they have to suffer all manner of fools!

    This idiot Adam and his wife need to get onto a plane and go back home where they can live with and fraternise only with their own kind!

    Ugandans have enough problems without having to put up with patronising idiots!


  4. 'I heard that the article you wrote about them in Dispatch was so biassed and defamatory that the editor had to recall all of the magazines from the shop He even made a promise to ensure that you lost your job' is hearsay, a false brought to light more so by the post of the editor in question.
    'An establishment has to right to refuse entry if they choose'- yes it does but if this refusal is based on ethnicity, race, religious affliction…, its plain bigotry and has no place in this very welcoming society. I always wonder why, if someone of a different race felt uncomfortable with the indigenous, would they go to live there?


  5. How I wish she said those words to me !!! Some of these bazungus need to learn some manners. Simon Peterson, please tell Adam Williams and his wife that they have no right to get Lindsey fired from her job.


  6. Anyone who sheds light on the bizarrely colonialist ghettoisation that 'Muzungus [sic] in Uganda' propagates is exactly the opposite of evil as far as I'm concerned. As a British expat myself I was appalled when I saw the group – I quickly had to leave because of the things I saw regularly posted there by not only the founder but others who seem to view Ugandans as people to look after their children and clean their pools – but only if recommended by other muzungus of course – just to make sure they're not liars and cheats(!)
    Why choose to live in another country and culture if you're just going to stay in your expat bubble? These patronising idiots give expats a bad name. Bravo Lindsey!!


  7. SimonPetersson, let us first wipe an egg off this face of ours – you just told a lie about Lindsey's editor up there – can anyone trust any other thing you are saying? But namwe muswaleeko – you bagenyi need to behave like bagenyi!


  8. Having seen the article her job should most definitely been in question. Disgraceful reporting. And from what I heard, after speaking to Adam, you thought the article was very badly written, Ole. Why defend such poor practice?


  9. @Simon As the editor in question I can most definitely say that Lindsey's job was never in question. Actually it is partly my fault that the article made it into the magazine without a proper edit. We did decide to collect some of the magazines we distributed after being threatened with a suit and Adam had a chance to meet with the owners of the magazine. We later distributed as usual. Lindsey was just doing her job writing an article I asked her to write. She is not evil.


  10. The co-writer did not remain anonymous and you have been asked to produce evidence that he exists and you went into hiding for over a week. Both the owner and editor has confirmed that they asked you if you had interview the subject and you confirmed that your did. This was a lie. I have never claimed to be friends with the owners of MishMash. I just have more evidence than you are willing to state on your blog.

    If you're so sick and tired of it, why inflame things with another story full of lies and deception?

    Again, try and do something positive for a change.


  11. Simon Peterson,

    Do your research properly. I did not write an article about them. I wrote an article about a facebook page.

    The co-writer is not fabricated. He had a right to choose to remain anonymous.

    As to interviewing the subject. I said no such thing.

    On the contrary, ill informed individuals like yourself are attributing far too much damage of your friends' reputations to myself.

    And I'm getting sick and tired of it. Which is why I tried to speak with Adam and Genevieve to begin with.


  12. I heard that the article you wrote about them in Dispatch was so biassed and defamatory that the editor had to recall all of the magazines from the shop. He even made a promise to ensure that you lost your job after you caused them so much embarrassment. Apparently you also fabricated a co-writer and lied abotu interviewing your subject in the Dispatch office.

    Personally I and many others don't believe a word you say as you're clearly on a mission to cause damage.

    An establishment has to right to refuse entry if they choose. And someone who has caused so much damage to two people's lives certainly does not deserve to enjoy themselves in the place of the people they have tried so hard to destroy.

    Move on, haven't you got better things to do, apart from being negative? Cheer up and so something worthwhile for a change.


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