E.S.B. Extra Special Boda

Like every normal thinking person, i hate boda boda’s. Probably because i really need them most of the time. But also because they riders ride like maniacs most of the time as well.

But this day, this glorious day, i found myself the perfect boda guy.
When i had sat down and braced myself for the inevitable death race i knew would ensue, the boda man turned to look at me directly.
“Are you comfortable madam?”
It was the way he said it. Not the usual, “We go?”, but truly concerned for my comfort in addition to my safety. I melted.
Now where i was going can be reached through a variety of routes. Some of them are dark and scary and just the place boda boda men can rob you blind.
He shocked me again.
“Shall we take the short or long route? I do not want you to be worried”.
Was this guy for real? We took the long route. Problem with that route is that it has a lot of traffic. And for some reason, he wouldn’t cut through it.
“Erm, why don’t you just pass on the side?”, I hinted delicately.
“That is for pedestrians madam”. His tone held a hint of reproach.
I was in love.
But i forgot to get his phone number. If any of you come across the Perfect Boda Guy, let me know okay?

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